“Hands Up, Don’t Shoot.”

Will you do me a favor, my dearest reader? Will you help me change the world?
I think it’s time. Lets start a revolution, just you and me. Let’s change the world, one person at a time. Let’s move the mountain of prejudice and injustice and replace it with a sea of love and understanding. Let us christen the new world with compassion and start over. If only it could be so easy. The world is a hard and cruel place. It is unforgiving to the best of us and benefits the worst. I don’t want to live in this world anymore. I want a better place, one I know cannot exist. There is so much hate and pain and hurt. I feel it with every pore of my being. I wish to hold the world in my arms like a crying child, hushing it’s fears over the bully of life. It is too cruel that we were created too very diverse. We cannot all understand each over, no matter what we say. Someone will always hate us, someone we will never even meet and for something as petty as the color of our skin, our sexuality, our dreams. How fucking stupid is that? Everyone is beautiful and unique and deserving. No one is born exempt from this rule. No one. So lets stop all this madness. Let’s sit in the streets and turn off the tv. Let’s run wild and free, careless and full of wonder, like the wild-eyed child from our youth. No one can stop us if we do it together: Love who we want, live how we want, dream as big as we can, and take care of each other. We can never forget to take care of each other. It is, after all, in the darkest of times I need you most and baby, I need you. We need you. We need to remind each other that we are not alone. We are all in this together, no matter who you are.

Unite the lefties, the righties, the middles, and inbetweenies. Unite the sign wavers, the freedom fighters, the hopefuls, the doubtfuls, the lost, the found, the dreamers, the doers. Bring the media, make the media, be the media. Bring the voices, all at once to be heard. Bring the eyes, for the world MUST see. Bring the hearts, that they may break and heal in a single heart beat…

“Hands up, don’t shoot.”

Please, Won’t you help me?


About lunacate

Lover of literature, happy bibliophile, fervent collector and reader. Ambitious and hopeful writer. Daily muse and random thinker.
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