5 things About Me.


There is a lot of tips out there for starting up a blog. It’s almost overwhelming. But none of it seems right to me. I’m not interested in gaining much more than myself and I am just happy to know that there is someone out there. It makes me very happy indeed to know I am not alone and you have already proved that to me. So I thought I might take a moment to share a little bit about the person you are reading.

Here are 5 things about me:



1) I have, through out the years, been fueled by the belief of something big. Something that connects and binds. Even as a little girl I dreamed and imagined and hoped. I knew in my bones that there was something I was supposed to be doing, people I was supposed to help. A feeling that makes me want to wrap my arms around the whole world. I’m not sure what I would call it but i know it has many names to many people. It is, above all else, the reason I do anything. I need to help people. I need to let them know they are not alone. I need to change the world. Does anyone else feel this way?



2) I have been always a student of life, an absorbent sponge of literature, a dedicated bibliophile. I carry them everywhere, sometimes reading more than one at a time. I love everything about them. I have a very large personal library of over 2,000 books but I cannot stop buying them. They are delicious treats and I want to eat them all up. I want a bookstore of my very own and I have been dreaming about t for quite some time. Although life has taken me on many twists and turns, I am positive I will get there some day.


3) I am a hopeless fool for love. I believe very strongly in it’s own special brand of power. First kisses, love at first sight, forever. I know they are real because I have experienced them, have felt them in my soul. I am naturally drawn to any and all things concerned with love. Try as I may to pretend otherwise, I am as hopeless and girly as them come when it concerns matters of the heart. Flowers and romantic gestures make my little heart melt. 


4) I am a total foodie. I love cooking and baking and entertaining. I love trying new restaurants and experimenting. I love the idea of food being more then just food but an experience. Something that wakes up your senses and fills you with warmth. I would love to be a judge or write reviews for restaurants or cooking shows. I think it goes without saying that I am a lover of Chopped and Cake Boss. I can’t get enough and i don’t care if it does all go to my ass! 


5) I am sort of old fashioned in an English sort of way. I love tea, books, gardens, Jane Austen, and generally living like a hobbit. I love making my own bread, butter, soaps, you name it. (Even if I don’t get to as much as I would like.) I love the idea of a library with french-style door leading out to a garden. I find something charming in fresh pressed flowers and classical music. I think I could live out the rest of my life quite happy in the countryside. Perhaps a simple cottage. That makes my heart happy. 


I hope that gives you a little more insight about who you are reading. I really enjoyed writing it and I hope you enjoyed reading it. Do we have any of these things in common, dearest reader? 


About lunacate

Lover of literature, happy bibliophile, fervent collector and reader. Ambitious and hopeful writer. Daily muse and random thinker.
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