Current project!


I decided to go ahead and post a little bit of what I have been working on. I hope you all like it! 🙂 Enjoy!

This is the first test. I know that now. I see it’s varying degrees of pedigree trying to stamp me out. Try as it may, it will fail. I am all but the last remaining. Minority. Outcast. I have not chanced upon another like myself in a very long time. So I will live as the last…and pretend it doesn’t bother me. The world has changed much with only shattered glimpses of what it used to be. I hide myself now. It’s better this way. For if I am discovered, there shall be none left to tell. I must, above all, remember for you, my love. 

They stopped looking for me a long time ago or at least they must have. Thought me to be dead after all this time and I should be dead. But instead I mostly loiter old ruins. Places millions flocked, now hauntingly empty and abandoned. It’s easier now than it was at first. I used to pick through the rubble, searching for I don’t know what or some relic of the past. I once found a whole unopened pack of Trident gum. I called that day Christmas. But it’s been long since I held out any hope of a clue. The artifacts I find now are mostly for survival. 

I do not know how many years have passed anymore than what started it all. From what I have gathered from the small clippings I found, no one really knew what happened or who shot first. All I know is they tried to use nature against us and it back-fired on them as well. They turned our very trees against us. Venom leached out their bark and poisons filtered from their leaves. We lost a good many before we realized. In one bold attempt to save ourselves, we lit the landscape ablaze. Burning all tree and bush alike til the dust settled and all that remained was a dusty, barren desert. A ruin of concrete and ash. In the country the high winds spread the fire quickly, leaving me alone among the still smoldering ashes of hundreds that were once my friends and neighbors. I was thirteen…


About lunacate

Lover of literature, happy bibliophile, fervent collector and reader. Ambitious and hopeful writer. Daily muse and random thinker.
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